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Do you know that electronics consume a signification amount of energy every day? In fact, just computers and WiFi routers can make up about 20-25% of your energy bill. With rising energy prices, it is best to learn how to use electronic efficiently to save cost. You can do so easily with the following tricks which cost you very little to no money

1. Shop for Electronics With the ENERGY STAR Logo

One first tip should be about getting products with the blue ENERGY STAR logo on them. They are designed with the latest technology to save energy cost and contribute to protecting the environment. It is said that they can save at least 40% of energy compared to normal models. But even with these energy-star certified products, you can still waste energy. So, letís move on to other tips.

2. Turn Them Off When Not In Use

How many times have you pushed the Standby button rather than turned off your TV completely? In fact, electronic in the standby mode still consume energy. The best way is to unplug your devices when not in use. Even with your charger, unplug it from the power outlet when you donít use it to charge anything or you will still find it warm.

After finish charging, you need to remove your devices; or else, it is not just about wasted energy, even the battery can be damaged.

3. Use the Computer’s Power Saving Mode

Computers can consume a large amount of energy. The good news is, it always had power options for you to choose from. You can control the display screenís brightness and set the sleep mode when the computer is in its idle state. With that, you can save about 50% of energy.

When you are out for a while, at least hibernate your computer first. The best option? Shut your computer down.

4. Opt for a Laptop Instead of a Computer

If you have a choice between buying a computer or a laptop, it is recommended that you choose a laptop instead. It consumes less 50% of energy than a computer.

5. Adjust the TV Brightness

With a simple action, you can save about 15% of energy each time you use the TV: reduce its display screen brightness a little bit.

6. Use the Power Strip

As mentioned in track number 2, electronics consume energy even when they are not it use. You want to turn them off but hesitate because you have to walk up to different locations. Don’t be a worry, and you can solve the problem just by using a power strip with an on/off remote switch. It allows you to turn off all electronics with one click.

Take note that you need to re-program home entertainment equipment like DVR or TV when you turn the switch back on. To deal with this, you should plug them into a separate power strip that is turned off only when necessary. The power strip itself is not expensive, but it can help you save hundreds of dollar/year.

7. Monitor Power Consumption

If you want to know the exact amount of energy each electronic device in your house consumes, you can use an inexpensive power meter. Or, a more advanced option is using a whole-house energy monitor. Such device may help you decide if it is time to switch to a more energy-efficient model for a particular electronic device.

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Hello everybody, today we have a really quick look at this program CleanMyMac is also a PC version available and what this program does is it goes through some of your old files and some hidden files and sort of getting clouded up over time.

Just tries to free up some space for so let’s see how effective it is a quickly go into my settings about storage. It’s CleanMyMac of MacPaw.

What’s New of The CleanMyMac 3?

cleanmymac 3

You can see I’ve used about half of my heart of my disk 1.57 GB free so let’s see how much of that space can clean up the soft having the computer for about six months using different programs what disorders are going click scan announcement is always different things censored.

Some of the photos miles, music folders over things in your trash bins and it also recommends some larger on some older files that you may forget about that you can clean up.

cleanmymac review

It’s not to delete any of your falls are important things lost before, so let’s see how much space we can claim arrived and went back in that whole process took about eight minutes in a very long ago.

You can see it’s found over 1.57 GB of a daughter and says it can be removed without any lost your system product daughter. So that’s good to know your head here and click claim insurance also for the minister’s can go ahead.

How to Use The CleanMyMac 3

With the Scan, clean up old to go outside about 5 minutes and that’s about average because I did this to our model older Macs create about 25GB in about half pretty good and conceals on the left is as large an old false signals to manually.

Go through some of the falls may forget about and clear them as well as is about to give us a marketer and have looked at that as well now as for price was for one license to do this one.

cleanmymac 3

It cost about $50 for two computers which is one are selected it. I think it’s a little bit pricey for the first option, but if you get the two computers about $40 each, it’s not too bad especially when it’s such a quick and easy program to use it really does cite requirement of space.

Buy CleanMyMac Now


I hope you enjoy this really short look at CleanMyMac 3 and leave me comments below if you have any other programs, you are choosing to does a similar thing or questions comments concerns rating and also leave the website links and going click check out the program along as well thanks reading everyone.

If you want to see more details about CleanMyMac feature, you can click here.

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When you have a blog and record video for your blog, you need to have a high-quality clip to attract a lot of people. One of the most important things that determine the quality of your clip is the best camera for youtube. If you are looking for such camera, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration such as optical image stabilization and audio quality.

In this article, I will help you with the process of choosing the best camera for recording by listing what you need the most for a high-quality video.

Things Consider Before Buying A Camera For Recording

camera for youtube

First, let’s understand the importance of having a video on your blog? Statistics have shown that when you attach or upload a video to your blog post, the chance that you will get inbound link increases by 30%. Furthermore, the number of people watching video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vines is increasing every day.

The reason for why there are many people watching clips is because in the fast paced world we live today, watching a clip takes less than and convey more information.

Besides, in term of procession time on our brain, visuals information is 60000 times quicker than normal text information. There are also many other statistics that would support the fact that people nowadays are attracted to video and it is certain that adding video to your post may increase interaction and share for your post.

As you know how important it is to record video, let’s read on to know what features you should consider for your camera. Here are what make a good recording camera:

1. Optical Image Stabilization

If you record a lot of activities, then this option is a must to ensure you get the most stable images. Otherwise, your clips will be really shaky. Having optical image stabilization features also makes your editing process much easier.

2. Sound

It is very important that your recorded videos are clear in sounds. Nothing lets people down as quickly as hearing a blurred sound.

For the best quality of sound, you should consider different microphone designs on the different camera and consider what will suit your need the most.

A camera with a front-facing microphone is ideal for recording video. You should not go for a camera with a microphone located on the sides, which will be blocked when you hold the camera to record. You will clearly see the microphone holes on the camera.

3. Weight

Also, if you have to hold your camera to record various movements, you should consider buying a lightweight camera.

4. Image Quality

In order to have the best image for your video, you should choose the camera which is capable of recording full HD or at least 1080p. Now let’s go into more details what you should do to pick up the best camera for recording:

  • Plan Your Budget: If you are just a beginner, you should not invest in an expensive camera with a lot of features and options. Opt for a reasonably priced one first. When you know more about recording and understand more about your need, you can change to a more complex camera then.
    Also, consider the cost of the additional item such as tripod and lighting as well as additional lenses.
  • Know Your Content: The kind of video you are going to shoot will determine different types of camera you would need. For example, if you record your makeup or cooking tutorial, you will need a DSLR camera for good and colorful visual effect. If you want to record your actions like playing sports, you should opt for a camera with optical image stabilization.
  • Ask For Advice: If you are still unsure, you can ask for other bloggers’ advice. Look for someone whose clips are what you want your clips to be and ask for the types of camera they are using.


If you want to increase subscribers for your YouTube channel of attracting more people to your blog, it is very important that you have high-quality clips. The process of producing a high-quality clip includes recording and editing. No matter how skillful you are at editing, you cannot produce a good clip when you record it at a low quality.

Therefore, it is very important that you can find the best camera for recording. You can look for one by considering the optimal image stabilization, audio, and image quality as well as the weight of the camera.

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Having a video game console is really exciting: It helps you enhance your game playing experience among many other benefits. But many just focus games without really caring about the little device that helps bring them enjoyment. With just some simple cost-free tips, you can keep this device last for many years.

1. Avoid Heat

Heat is among the top enemies that reduce the lifespan of this device. The first thing you should do it not to play the console for too long to avoid overheating. You should not have when to take a break when your console feels too warm in your hand. Even if you really want to continue the game, let the device cools down first. Operating the console in a room with air conditioner is a good idea.

Make sure you keep the device away from intense heat sources and direct sunlight. Of course, freezing cold environment is also avoided. Put your console in an open area and give it enough room to breathe: this will prevent accumulation of dust or heat. Don’t put or store anything on top of the console either. You can sit on the floor to operate the console but avoid playing it on the carpet as the carpet absorb heat very fast.

2. Keep It Away From Magnetic Forces

When you console has an internal hard disk or storage disk, staying away from magnetic forces is a must to protect the content inside.

3. Treat It With the Care

There are fragile parts in the device so avoid shaking them too much no matter how excited you are or drop them. Don’t touch parts you are not supposed to touch, especially the lens (which reads the disc you insert into the device) or the device can stop working.

4. Don’t Forget to Clean It Once in a While

Dust can be very harmful to this device as it blocks the air vents, causing the internal parts to overheat. Even smoke from the cigarette can clog up the air flow and cause dust build-up inside the console. Proper ventilation is a must to maintain the console’s smooth operation; therefore you should clean the device every once one in a while.

You can dust the air compressor or dust removal spray to deal with dust build-up. Don’t forget to wipe clean the air intake fan too with a dry, clean lint-free close and an eye-glass cleaner. Before cleaning, you need to unplug all cables.

5. Know How to Store It Properly

Before storing, make sure you leave no disc inside the device. Unplug it and put in away in its box. Other parts like memory cards or controllers should also be kept separately.

One thing you should take note: the wires. Lots of people just fold them up when storing them away. They can easily get tangled and loose; the end they may even stop working. Without them, the console will not work; it is that simple. Instead, let’s lay them flat, layer by layer gently.

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