About US – FAQs

Buy Quality Backlinks is a Good Link Building service. We work with a limited number of highly motivated clients, who range from small businesses to world class brands. Our clients have one thing in popular who have focused on getting top SE rankings that stand the test of time.

Why Do I need BackLinks?

Obtaining quality backlinks increases the popularity of your website. The ranking of your website will improve, which will attract more visitors to your website or blog. Our team of SEO specialists manually create backlinks posting them on quality sites.

Do You Offer Any Refunds ?

Unfortunately, a refund would not be applicable once a client places an order since the Job is considered “in process”, or after backlinks actually have been created. The only exception is for service not yet started, at which time the request for work can be removed from our system. In addition, since links are non-tangible and require no shipping, refunds for products delivered digitally cannot be refunded. Please note that refunds are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with the final decision being the sole discretion of Buy Quality Backlinks™.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept PAYPAL as it is the faster, easier & safer way to make payments.

Which Backlink Package Is best for me ?

It depends on your niche and keywords. For Low competition keywords we recommend going with the “3 BackLinks per day” package. For medium competition keywords we recommend “5 backlinks per day” package and for tougher keywords we recommend “10 links per day”. Go with the package that best suits you.

Do You Offer Any Once Off Backlink Packages ?

Yes we do! Simply Contact us if you’re interested.

What Are The Benefits Of Monthly Link Building Plans ?

Receiving quality links on a daily basis makes your Backlink profile look natural to Google. The more quality links a website obtains,the higher it will rank in search engines.

Need A complete SEO Plan ? 

We offer this too. This is the process:

1)  SEO Audit & on-page optimization: We begin by checking if your website is in good ranking condition.

2) Keyword competition & research: We check the competitive nature of your keywords. If your keywords appear to be very competitive, we will then recommend keywords which will be easier to rank.

3) Link Building Process: After we have fixed your sites on-page SEO and keywords we can begin building quality backlinks to your website.

4) Monitor Results: We monitor your websites rankings and give you weekly ranking updates via email